• Ability to safely overclock your miners to increase hashing performance without exceeding the devices ASIC, GPU, or FPGA manufacturer’s skin temperature (typically 100C)
• Proprietary, adjustable flow control management system ensures even and full flow to every device in a SLICTank providing maximum performance


The High-Performance Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling System for Crypto-currency Mining & Blockchain Devices. Please refer to the link for detailed information on extensive material compatibility. and inquires regarding product warranties for electronic equipment, please get in touch with

Engineered Fluids’ SLICTanks represent the most advanced designed single-phase, liquid immersion cooling tanks available today. The SLICTank Generation 5 design is the culmination of over 3 years and $500K in computational flow analysis to develop the optimal shape, flow, and design for increasing hash rate performance through the best fluid flow management and heat transfer performance!


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