Flame Retardant HIPS


• High impact resistance
• High mobility
• Good physical balance



Plastic products have been widely used in our daily life. In addition to the requirements of mechanical characteristics, plastic products have also gradually paid attention to the safety characteristics of flame retardant and fire prevention. Especially in the application of electronic and electrical products, flame retardant characteristics have been included in the design priority. To meet the requirements of flame retardant plastic materials, Starex HIPS has high impact strength, high flow characteristics, and good physical properties, making it ideal for TV housing applications.

Starex FR HIPS products comply with RoHS, WEEE, REACH international environmental regulations.


Grades Characteristics Typical application Remarks

• High Impact
•High Flowability
•Balance Properties

• TV
• OA

• 1.6T V-0

• Halogen Type