Anti-static ABS


• Anti-Static

• Ease of Processability

• Well-balanced physical properties



Plastics are good electrical insulating materials. Such electrical insulating properties generate static electricity, which may cause problems such antistatic electric shock, poor sound reproduction of records or tapes and explosions due to dust discharge and air mixtures. Regarding starex Antistatic ABS resins, additive type antistatic resins have been developed in order to reduce the accumulation of static charges or remove the problems related to static discharge.


1) Antistatic Property:
In general, antistatic plastics have a surface resistivity of 109-1014 and a static discharge half-life of not more than 60 seconds. starex antistatic ABS series resins have a surface resistivity of 1012 and do not attract dust particles in normal conditions.

2) Mechanical Property:
By adding an antistatic agent to general ABS grade,starex antistatic ABS resin’s better flow characteristics and reduced deterioration of mechanical properties compared with general ABS can be noticed.


Grades Characteristics Typical application Remarks

• Anti-Static

• Home appliances
• Automotive
• OA Machine