Environment Social Governance

Environment Social Governance, ESG is an unavoidable mission in the process of corporate globalization. As a part of the global citizens, the sustainable development of the enterprise will be the lifelong ambition of UNIC TECHNOLOGY. While generating profits and being responsible for the interests of shareholders, it is fearless and difficult to carry the mission. , take responsibility for consumers, employees, communities and the environment. Seize the opportunity to guide a warm and benignancy corporate development culture, establish an environment-friendly organizational goal, gather everyone’s input and intentions, create the best synergy of the team, uphold the spirit of “no best, only better”, and actively manage as an effective management , to make the greatest contribution to the pursuit of the company’s growth, growth and sustainability development, and at the same time fulfill its social responsibilities, making UNIC an outstanding corporate citizen.

(1) Corporate sustainable development organizational structure

In order to implement corporate social responsibility well, UNIC TECHNOLOGY had established a corporate social responsibility organizational structure, and arranged execution groups and assigned work functions for corporate governance, customer care, environmental protection, and employee and social care issues.

(2)Environmental protection、safety and health implementation

1. Environmental and Safety Policy

Strictly abide by laws and regulations, strengthen communication, continuous improvement, risk control, pollution prevention, and full participation in the environmental safety and health policies promoted by UNIC Technology,UNIC had ISO 14001:2015 edition certification.

(1)Enterprise operation and production must comply with the regulations of the local country’s environmental protection, labor safety and health laws.

(2)Strengthen communication with employees, third-party manufacturers, community stakeholders and customers, publicly publicize business philosophy and the determination to implement environmental and safety management systems,for details, visit the UNIC’s official website/Investor/Investor Regulation.

(3)Maintain the effective operation of the environment and safety and health system, implement various management activities for environmental protection and industrial safety, strengthen pollution risk control, and continue to carry out improvement plans.

(4)Prevent the occurrence of various industrial safety and environmental protection abnormal events to reduce the impact on labor and the environment.

(5)Select low-polluting processes, implement industrial waste reduction, strengthen hazard risk control and implement a responsible care system.

(6)Strengthen employee education and training, enhance awareness of environmental protection and industrial safety and health, so as to fully implement environmental、safety and health responsibilities.

2. Environmental safety and health management policy disclosure

(1)Implement “strictly compliance with laws and regulations, strengthen communication, continuous improvement, risk control, and pollution prevention”

Adhering to the spirit of sustainable development of the enterprise, UNIC is committed to improving environmental pollution problems such as waste water, air, noise and solid waste. In order to implement the UNIC’s environmental policy, in addition to building environmental protection facilities; Implement industrial waste reduction. activated carbon abgas reduction equipment activated in 2021. In order to reduce the pollution caused by the production process, and actively improve the equipment operation experience and operation skills, in order to achieve the goal of environmental protection.

(2)Builded ISO 14001 and get certified

Since 2016 UNIC Technology got ISO:14001 certification so far,In addition to continuing to operate in accordance with the principles of P.D.C.A, UNIC continue to implement the purpose of the environmental management mechanism by making good use of resources, preventing pollution, and continuously improving.UNIC will cooperate with the government’s industrial policy to produce environmentally friendly, low-pollution, high value-added materials in the long term!

(3)Implement environmental management training

Environmental protection work is complex and diverse, and involve a variety of interactive relationships. Therefore, for on-site and environmental protection staff only have continuous training and get new knowledge of environmental protection can improve their work efficiency. In recent years, UNIC had promoted environmental protection and other related training courses,relevant new/on-the-job training and environmental protection professional training total number of trainees is 14 person-times, totaling 112 hours in 2021.

(3) Implementation of social services and public welfare

With a grateful heart, UNIC Technology is committed to promote the humanitarian belief of caring for disadvantaged groups, expecting to give back to the society in various ways to fulfill corporate social responsibility, and to strengthen sponsorship and donations such as public welfare and charity. Looking forward to the future, UNIC Technology will continue to invest in giving back to the society, fulfilling its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen, and doing its best.

In 2021, in the light ofthe hard life of economically disadvantaged families, UNIC Technology donated goods、materials and funds to the New Taipei City Social Welfare Bureau and various social groups to disadvantaged children and low- and middle-income households and other disadvantaged groups, so as to improve the learning of children from disadvantaged families achievement、expand life view fileds and improve children’s personality development.

Also donated to World Vision Taiwan in the name of raising African children.

In addition, during the Moon festival, UNIC also give priority to order moon cakes from charitable organizations to express our support with practical actions.

UNIC Technology is deeply rooted in Taiwan, actively established a symbiotic concept with community residents, and try best to co-organize various community activities and public welfare activities to promote the development of surrounding communities.

UNIC support local folk customs celebrations, festivals and friendship activities, regional associations, disadvantaged and old aged associations, and assist government agencies in health promotion activities.