Global Prospect

UNIC Technology Corp. will continue to uphold its corporate values to provide the highest quality of products and most professional services to our customers, while we specialize in our core commodities, promote environmentally friendly materials, and explore overseas markets to secure our long-term competitiveness in the rapidly changing industry.

Specialization in our core commodities:

We will continue promoting the products we currently distribute and manufacture, actively developing new materials, searching for new distributorship and manufacturing opportunities, and investing and developing the derivative products of existing materials.

Actively participate in the transfer of technology, joint production, and strategic alliances between upstream suppliers and downstream customers.

Continue the nurturing of talents in the commodities field of expertise; provide training of secondary skills to meet the personnel needs of new projects, products, or processes.

Promoting environmentally friendly materials:

Promote environmental awareness within the company; impose environmentally friendly policies, and execute environmentally friendly procedures to become a role model “green enterprise” in the industry.

Introduce and promote biodegradable materials and their derivative products. Continue our research and develop new types of environmentally friendly PCR Plastic materials.

Expansion in overseas markets:

Our overseas service offices are currently established in eastern (Suzhou) China, southern (Dongguan) China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. We will continue offering quality products and excellent services that address the specific needs of local customers.

Adjusting to the market condition and industrial demand, the establishment of local offices at strategic locations will continue.