Environmental Policy


Our Sustainability Efforts

To be a Green Corporate, UNIC keeps the highest standard in meeting government Environment Protection Regulation. UNIC is under ISO 14001:2015 compliance. “ Pollution Prevention, Environment Protection, Continual Improvement “ is the priority mission of UNIC.

UNIC devotes to link with the company, suppliers, relative personal of the society for increasing environmental safety awareness. Through the proper training & communication, each staff actively participates in finding out and improving the problem.

UNIC realizes that safety and a healthy working environment can reduce accident events & occupational diseases. UNIC creates a safe, healthy and green environment for the employee and the society.

We are now officially certified with the world standard, ISO 9001:2015,term of validity is from 2021/10/9-2024/10/8.

Your Strategic Partner For Sustainable Materials

We supply general-purpose plastic and engineering plastic with eco-friendly properties. Our recycled resin includes PC, ABS, HIPS, ASA, PA, and PLA. The recycled content resins are sourced with the following content :

-Post Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR)

-Post Industrial Recylcate Plastic (PIR)

-Ocean Bond Plastic (PET)

-Biobased Plastic

-Compostable Plastics